Storing Pecans for Home Use

Pecans purchased from us should be refrigerated or frozen in air tight bags or containers.

Storing pecans under refrigeration is the best way to retain the fresh color, aroma and flavor, as well as to prevent insect infestation.  PLEASE REFRIGERATE UPON RECEIPT. 

Pecans suffer no injury from freezing.  After thawing, they may be held for weeks in the refrigerator.  Pecans are low in moisture (4%) so the unused pecans may be frozen again and again without adverse effect on quality or texture.


Approximate Storage Times

Pecan Halves 9 months 38-40 degrees Refrigerator
  2 years 0 degrees Freezer
Pecan Pieces 5 months 38-40 degrees Refrigerator
  1 year 0 degrees Freezer
Unshelled 18 months 38-40 degrees Refrigerator
  2-4 years 0 degrees Freezer

*Based on research work of Dr. J. G. Woodroof and Mr. E. G. Keator at the Georgia Experiment Station, Griffin, CA


Note:  If you plan to give pecan meats that you have shelled yourself to friends, we suggest you do the following:

Place shelled nut meats on a cookie sheet in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes.  Let them cool before packaging in plastic bags or containers.

This will prevent the possibility of molding.  Our pecan meats are already dried in this manner.