Life after Sally and Covid

Posted by Catherine on 01/18/2021

Well, as we all know Mother Nature always wins. 

2020 was a very eventful year here on the farm.  First, we had a visit (a really LONG visit) from Hurricane Sally.  The end result was that, although we did not have much structural damage, we did lose some of our very old trees.  Trees that were planted when we started our business 65 year ago.  We were hit with a second hurricane (with not nearly as much destruction this time)  that delayed our clean up.

It was very sad to see.  The images would make a grown man cry at the destruction. We have mourned the lose of our old pecan tree friends, but have decided that a true farmer never quits!

So, we have moved on and are clearing up the orchards of downed trees, getting about the business of planting new trees and staying busy in the retail shop so that we can be here for our many customers.  We will always have pecans as our neighbors in other states have come to our rescue and will do so for the next several years.  We are truly blessed.

If that wasn't enough, we were visited by the oh, so unpopular Corona Virus.  Yes, it came through here like a  freight train with a good head of steam.  We are glad to say that although over half our staff and family were affected, no one had to be hospitalized and everyone has recovered nicely, including Mr. and Mrs. Bishop.

We then got about the business of deep cleaning and sanitizing the retail shop while working to get back open for business.

2020 has been an adventure (and not in a good way.)  But we have all learned the lessons of adapting and overcoming as well as that there are some truly good people out there that have our back.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that the black cloud of the pandemic passes over  you and yours without leaving any lasting problems

Oh, we also wish for Mother Nature to give it a rest for a while.